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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fergheh News

[Date:] 14 Bahman 1395 [2 February 2017]


Intensification of the Propagation Activities of Sufis and Baha’is in Impoverished Areas

Hojjatol-Islam Val-Muslimin [Authority on Islam and Muslims] Saied Jamshidi, the deputy of Qom Seminary: “The Country’s Officials Should Take Measures to Prevent the Activities of These Sects as Much as Possible”.

According to Fergheh News: Hojjatol-Islam Val Muslemin Saied Jamshidi, in an interview with a reporter of Fergheh News, described the activities of the Sufi sects and the perverse Baha’i sect in the deprived areas of Kerman. He stated, “Unfortunately, the cultural poverty and lack of welfare facilities in the deprived and impoverished areas have led to the growth of Sufism and Baha’i activities in these areas.”

This professor of seminary and university added, “The country’s authorities should take measures to prevent the activities of these sects as much as possible, so that the people’s beliefs in the deprived areas are not subject to their evil thoughts.” The enemy is trying to strike at the beliefs of the Muslims in any way possible, and therefore the foreign religions confuse public opinion in the deprived areas by creating anxiety, because the tactics of these people are dangerous and cause pessimism to the popular belief. 

The deputy of Qom seminary, expressing concern over the current situation in the deprived areas of the country, said, the government should provide cultural and welfare facilities to the people in the most remote places. It is very unfortunate that there are areas within this Islamic country that lack the least welfare facilities and the enemy takes advantage of this situation, and by superstition, confuses people and deviates from religion and places in disrepute the religion of Islam.

He added, “The government should refrain from concentrating the public facilities only in the urban areas and must prevent the abuse of Sufism and the perverted Baha’i sect in the villages by providing welfare and cultural facilities, because Sufis and Baha’is are economically active in the country and thus attract people in the deprived areas.

This professor of the seminary and university had recently travelled to the south of Kerman to visit cultural activities in order to study this issue closely.