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[Adapted from website:] Ferghe News

[Date:] 8 Tir 1399 [28 June 2020]


How Will the Baha’is Act If They Gain Power and Become the Head of the Government?

Prohibition of Wearing a Chador [veil] for High School Girls by the Pahlavi Baha’i Minister

According to Ferghe News, [none of] the deceptive slogans of the Baha’i Faith, such as the abandonment of prejudices, the unity of mankind, and the claim of morality, which are used only to attract people, will be outdated as long as they are not in power. As soon as they take on power and gain full control of the government and their orders take effect, they will change their humanitarian and moral position and show their true face.

An example of this is when Farrokhrou Parsa—a Baha’i [sic] and born into a Baha’i family [sic]—was elected minister of education during the years 1347-1353 [1968-1975], and from the very beginning she showed her hatred and enmity towards Islam and the hijab. In 1352 [1972/1973] she ordered a ban on wearing a veil for the high school girls. In some schools, wearing any kind of veils, including headscarves and veils, was prohibited.

Another of her actions in the process of the same policies of de-religionization and promotion of corruption among teenagers and young people was the establishment of mixed camps for boys and girls in Ramsar [Camp].

The study of such actions by the Baha’is is a testament to the sect’s opposition to religious and moral values, which shows the alienation of adolescents and young people from their religious and national identities, and their encouragement of loose living.