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[Adapted from website:] Ferghe News

[Date:] 14 Mordad 1393 [5 August 2014]


Why Do We Consider Baha’is Unclean?


-Why do we consider Baha’is unclean? What is the ruling on friendship and association with them in terms of Islam?


-A. The uncleanliness of the Baha’is

According to Islamic teachings, a person who denies God, or associates as a partner with God Almighty, or who does not accept the final prophethood of Muhammad, son of Abdallah, or denies one of the principles of the religion of Islam, is an infidel, and infidels are unclean.

Baha’is are unclean because of their perverse and polytheistic beliefs; on the one hand, they claim the divinity and prophethood of the Bab and Baha’u’llah, and they deny the finality of the Holy Prophet of Islam, and on the other hand, they deny the basic teachings of religion such as obligatory prayer, fasting, etc., and consider the religion of Islam obsolete. In addition, they not only deny the existence of His Holiness, the Greatest Remnant of God, but they are also his enemies.

From the point of view of Shia jurists and great authorities of imitation, the perverse sect of Baha’ism is made up of infidels and doomed to uncleanliness.

-B. Friendship with the Baha’is

In Islamic teachings, friendship with infidels is forbidden. On this basis, friendship and association with Baha’is is not permissible, because, as it was mentioned, the Baha’i is an infidel and unclean...