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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Ferghe News

[Date:] 30 Shahrivar 1393 [21 September 2014]


Groundwork and Aggravation Based on Prevention of “Education of Baha’is in Iran” With No Evidence and Proof by the BBC Persian!!

Baha’ism was not and is not a proven religion and was made merely by the colonialists to achieve their interests. However, all citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran with any religion and belief have the right to study, even if they were and are counterrevolutionaries, and this is not worse than being Baha’i! The citizen has all the rights and can enjoy its complete peace as long as they do not hamper the security and peace of the country and do not affect the people with their reprehensible and illegal behaviour.

Often there were Monafeghins and counterrevolutionaries who studied in the country’s universities, and after going and studying abroad are attacking the nation and country of Iran, and are still doing so.  The same group of people―who are known to the people and security institutions―do not take action against national security and peace of the people, and are busy studying at the universities.

Of course, the sworn evildoers among these people and the Islamic regime, which today is considered one of the safest countries in the world, do not tolerate this peace and living together in friendship with all religions.

And here it is, just like that drowning man who flounders and hangs on to whatever he reaches so as to be saved or, at least, to take that object with him to the depths of the water, every day, in a way, [they] put a subject, however false and unreal, on their agenda, to create tension and mislead the public opinion in Iran and the world.

The Persian BBC [broadcast a film], entitled “Baha’is Do Not Have the Right to Education” in Iran. After the screening of this fabricated and false film, where a well-known, sick and profiteering individual, whose hands have been cut off from the treasury, interviews a person who claims that he was not allowed to study in Iranian universities [because he is] a Baha’i,  and engages in a conversation full of contradictions. In the words of these gentlemen, the only point that is clear and obvious is the complexities and contradictions of their speech, which we will point out to them in this regard.

Now, does anyone from among those who believe in this nonsense ask himself, “If the Baha’is do not have the right to education in Iran, is this not contradicting the Shiites’ protest against not having the right to education that this so-called university president has admitted?!!

How can these two categories, approved and emphasized by this self-selling gentleman—who has nothing but a complex and anger against the religious nation and particularly its values—be put next to each other and understood?!!