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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Ferghe News

[Date:] 14 Ordibehesht 1393 [4 May 2014]


Warning to Mobile Phone Users

Beware of Mobile Phone Infiltration by Baha’ism

Recently, some groups and heretical sects have been using their space in mobile applications with a slow and stealthy movement that they have formed to promote their heretical sect.

According to Ferghe News, there are not many people today who are not familiar with internet social networks. For the last one or two years, in addition to internet social networks, other communication spaces have appeared in Android phones and iPhones, and many users have installed these communication applications, such as WeChat, WhatsApp, etc., to communicate with each other, and can easily create different chats and conversation groups using the features of these programs.

A while ago, the WeChat application was filtered and out of reach due to privacy violations as well as the spread of corruption and prostitution content, but recently some groups have formed another slow and stealthy movement through the misguided sects that use the space available in these applications to advertise their perverse sect.

By joining one of the WhatsApp or Telegram groups, etc., you will see that every day a large volume of messages with mystical content has been circulating hand to hand among users, copied and pasted in the shortest time in all communication applications, as well as social networks, and becoming visible to all users.

The themes of these messages are seemingly the sacred books of these perverse sects, such as Baha’ism, and people who are unaware of the origin of these words may like and be influenced by them and become misguided without realizing it. Meanwhile, several pages have been created on Instagram by the Baha’is and are openly involved in activities to promote this sect.

The stealthy and silent movement of perverse sects such as Baha’ism is not limited to this, and recently some Baha’i activists have composed and published songs that are beautiful and pleasant to [the listener], but the lyrics sung in these songs are all from the teachings of the perverse Baha’i sect, which [attracts] its listeners to this sect by promoting its absurd and corrupt thoughts.