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This Physician Was Invited to Visit a Patient

[Photo] Another photo of Dr. Berjis’ body, moments after his murder

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The murderers intended to kill nine of Kashan’s Baha’is, and Dr. Berjis was the first one of them.  When the victim’s relatives were asked, “How did you feel when you heard this news?”, they responded, “Of course we were affected, based on any human and family principles, by this cowardly murder of our brother and father; but we are happy, as he was martyred while offering service based on his moral and social duties and beliefs.  We are extremely happy for this bounty that was bestowed on him, and we beseech God to guide everyone to the right path.”

It should be kept in mind that the murder, plunder, exile and bondage of the Babis at the beginning of the history of this religion, as well as the torture and persecution of Baha’is up to thirty or forty years ago, were quite common and usual.  Many stories about them have been written in history books.   It was even customary that any time they were looking for an excuse for murdering an innocent person, he would be accused of being a follower of this religion.  

But later, this method was abandoned in Iran, and, following international laws such as the Atlantic Charter [1941], the Freedom of Human Rights laws, and so on, all minorities and groups with diverse beliefs whose activities were not harmful to the country’s interest were left alone.

In recent years, however, in some cities of Iran, incidents such as the murder of Berjis have occurred.  We can mention the Shahroud incident and the murder of Engineer Shahidzadeh in Shahi.

Some believe these three incidents are related.  In any case, some of the murderers are presently [being] detained and the case is being investigated at Kashan’s Judiciary.  The efforts of their accomplices have been futile due to the resistance of Mr. Rafii, Kashan’s prosecutor.  In conclusion, we print the Iran Physicians Association’s telegram to His Majesty’s presence in full, and await the punishment of the instigators of this incident, so that it can be a warning to others not to use religion as a tool for murder….


To the Holy Presence of His Royal Majesty


As Your Majesty recalls, recently, Dr. Soleiman Berjis, who had devoted his life to honourable medical service, was invited by some thugs, on the pretext of examination and treatment of a patient, and was brutally murdered in Kashan, while offering his sacred medical duties.  Not only are such crimes unlikely during [Your Majesty’s just] rule, their international reflection is extremely unpleasant from the point of view of the United Nations Charter.  In addition, offering medical service, which is to protect the lives of humanity, will be difficult in all parts of the country.  Therefore, Iran’s Physicians Association, which was established to protect the lives and rights of physicians, requests Your Majesty to order the instigators and agents of this bloody murder to receive the highest possible punishment, so that they may become lessons for other elements of crime and misadventure. 


We abide by Your Majesty’s command 

Iran’s Physicians Association