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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone

Telegram from Ferdows to [Tehran]

Number: 48

Original date: 19 Bahman

Date received: 22 Bahman [1325] [11 February 1947]


Provincial Governor of Mashhad

Copy: Finance Department,

Copy: Haj Agha Mirza Ahmad Kiani – Finance Department

Copy: Tehran, His Excellency, the Prime Minister

Copy: Ministry of Economy and Finance


For some time, a few fanatical Baha’is, by the names of: Reza Mofidi: the head of finance, Rahimi: the head of accounting, Parviz Yazdani: the manager of the office, Khalil Ahmadi: the economic warehouse keeper, Khosrow Yazdani: accountant, Bashir Rahmani: exclusive warehouse keeper, Ghavam Kalani: tax agent, Alavi: accountant, Yazdanpanah: cash teller of finance, Mohammad Tavakkoli: tax assessor, Mohammad Nayyeri: tax collector, Amin Kalani: debt collector of finance; who are authorities for all the people in the country, have been using their official government power for the purpose of religious and personal influence. They cause trouble and loss for the people with their religious hostility, in different ways. In addition, they have started [spreading] religious propaganda and are misleading the naïve children and the public. They even have some influence in the government departments. A few days ago, an orator in the main mosque was giving a sermon, when the head of the Office of Economy and Finance ordered the police force to pull the orator out of the mosque during the prayer, and [he was] expelled from the city.

As Muslims, we cannot live with this situation. We request that the above-mentioned individuals be sent to other parts of the country, and that you provide us with comfort and welfare.

[Signatories] Residents of Ferdows:

Mousavi, Meibodi, Khosravi, Kiani,  Mojtaba Rezaie,  Saiedi, Morshed Ghoraishi, Motevaselian, Nabe’an, Motewallian, Kamari, Zal Hoseini, Morad-zadeh, Montazeri, Samadi, Mohammad Ghoraishi, Rezaie, Zamani, Yousofi, Amidi, Nabizadeh, Memar-bashi, Borzoo  Mansouri, Basiri, Nejati, Mabnizadeh, Mohammad Samadi, Zera’ati, Mirzaie, Khani-zad, Motewalli-zadeh, Ali Forsat, Salami, Monemi, (Mohtashemi ?) Memarian, Karimi, Mojtaba Shati, Houshang-nezgad, Mohammad Nasiri, Mashhadi, Farahmand, Jafar Karimi-zadeh, Pakravan, Yousofi, Ashkboos, Mohammad Hamidi, Elahi, Gholam-Reza Yousofi, Khorrami, Zare, Khadem, Asadollah, Daro abi Ghottab, Monfaredian, Modir, Kafil, Adhami, Yazdanzadeh, Shaker, Eyvani, Me’raji


[Handwritten note 1:] [Stamp: Telegraph Office of Tehran]

[Handwritten note 2:] [Stamp: Received at the Head Office of Cabinet, Number: 43021, Date: 23 Bahman 1325 [12 February 1947]