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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Feragh Va Adyan (Roshana)

[Date:] 25 Farvardin 1399 [13 April 2020]


Ms. Dugal’s Strange Request with Regard to Baha’i Prisoners!

The Baha’i sect’s organization has proven its hostility and malice in different periods of history and in sensitive circumstances. At the height of the sanctions, through their lobbies in the United Nations, they carried out activities by pretending [that they are being oppressed] and drove the country to into a corner. In the wake of the currency market unrest, this group’s hoarding and economic turmoil became apparent. In times of crisis, some individuals from these organizations hoarded the goods needed by the people and even played with people’s lives. A simple search reveals numerous cases of smuggling, bribery, corruption, concealment of weapons, and other crimes committed by various Baha’is. For all these cases, we can, as an example, name Baha’is whose verdicts, and the evidence related to some of their cases, can be seen on various sites and networks.

Today, the ever-protesting Baha’is, regardless of the plight of the people, are looking for other excuses, so that the unconscionable sanctions get tougher and they get closer to their goal of enmity and defeat for Iran. Unfortunately, in this way, they do not hesitate to spread lies. In a statement issued on 23 Farvardin 1399 [11 April 2020], they wrote:

“In recent weeks, the Iranian government has released a number of prisoners of conscience in the country as a result of health risks posed by a new strain of coronavirus. Several Baha’is who were imprisoned solely for their religious beliefs were also affected. However, other Baha’is are still in prison, and this raises concerns about their health.”

They acknowledge that the Iranian government had considered the right of citizenship and, as in the cases of many of the other released prisoners, it had also released some Baha’i criminals whose release was considered [justifiable]. They falsely claimed that they had been imprisoned purely because of their religious belief. In continuation of the above statement, it was said that Bani Dugal, the senior representative of the Baha’i International Community to the United Nations, had called for the immediate release of the remaining imprisoned Baha’is!

One has to ask, “Have all non-Baha’i or Muslim prisoners been released?!” In fact, although the Baha’i criminals in question, like Ms. Dugal [sic], have been imprisoned not because they were Baha’is, but because of their various crimes. It seems they expect all [Baha’is] to be released from prison because they are Baha’is! That is, treat Baha’is differently from other prisoners!

Unfortunately, the irrational and stubborn demands of the Baha’i organization from the UN rostrum have created and will cause many problems for the Iranian people.