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In the Name of God



Mellat Bank


Decision number twenty one (21)

Dated: 2/10/1366 [23 December 1987]

Investigating Authority:  Preliminary Commission for the Investigation of Employment Offences, Mellat Bank

Allegation:  Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect; credential number [redacted]

Procedural Synopsis: Allegations against Mr. Fayaz, surname Mobasher, son of Ali born in 1326 [1947]; Identification number: [redacted], issued in Tehran; Status: employee; Work experience [27]/7/1356 [19 October 1978]; Education: diploma; Place of employment ----- , married/single -----, employment status at the time of the decision [illegible]--X--, was investigated  at a meeting held on 2/10/66 [22 December 1987] as indicated in the minutes.

Following review of the documents on file and in light of the confession of the accused --X--, as well as other evidence in the file --X-- the allegations against the accused are proven and [hand written note:] according to the opinion expressed in letter 10/66/4025 dated [illegible] of the Assistant Prosecutor, Branch [illegible] of the Office of the Islamic Revolution and in accordance with:

1. Membership in one of the perverse sects which is not an Islamic faith, subject of Clause 2 of Article 19, of the Investigation of Employment Offences Act enacted on 25/12/1365 [16 March 1987].  Hence, in accordance with Article 19 of said Act, he is permanently terminated from government employment.


A-This Decision is final and enforceable in accordance with Section 4 of said Act.

B-This Decision is appealable in accordance with section 13 of said Act and the accused party may file his appeal at Enghelab Street, Head Office of Personnel department within one month of receiving this decision. Otherwise this decision will be enforceable upon the expiry of said period.

[Official stamp]

[Three names and signatures], [Mohammad-Reza Tollouie], Davoud Mir-Zamani, Hamzeh-Ali [Elahei]

[Handwritten note in the middle of the page]