[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]



Date: 13[illegible]

Number: 0201


In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran


Bank of Mellat


Mr. Fayaz Mobasher

Attached is a copy of Judgement No 21, dated 2/10/1366, issued by the Primary Hearing Committee of Administration Infringements, which advises you of permanent expulsion from public service.  It is appropriate to return the second copy with the date of service of this verdict and signature to this head office.

Obviously, in case of any objection, you can send the review request to this office within a maximum of one month after the date of this communication for further consideration; otherwise, after expiration of the aforementioned deadline, the verdict is final and binding.


Personnel Head Office

Abdi [signature]

Rahimi [signature]

12/10/1366 [2 January 1988]




1 – The first copy is an attachment for confirmation and signature by the recipient of the verdict addressed to Karaj, Fardis, Davari Street, next to the clothing store, and to be returned to this head office

2 – Personnel Organisation [illegible] reference to Article 44 of Executive Regulations to Handle Administrative Infringements

3 – The Primary Hearing Committee of Administration Infringements

4 – Office of the Inspector General

5 – Occupational Office – Violation Department

6 – Occupational Classification Office

7 – Payment Audit Office – for information and necessary action

8 – Office of Drafts and Statistical Studies

9 – Welfare Office

10 – Occupational Office – Employment Section

11 – Personnel Office – Archive Section for recording in aforementioned personal file with six pages of history

[handwritten note, number and date at the top of letter]