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[Date:] 24 Mehr 1361 [16 October 1982]


Respected Commander of the Unit of Safar 5, Martyrs Division,


As you are well aware, the only male child of me, Dr. Ardeshir Shah-Bahrami, whose name was Farhang Shah-Bahrami, was drafted for [military] service on 15 Azar 1359 [6 December 1980], and for the honour and independence of our beloved nation of Iran, and to follow, in obedience, the instructions of the government officials and the authorities, which he considered as his principal obligations, he served with sincerity at the Dezful and Gilangharb frontlines with utmost bravery and courage.


On the morning of [10] Shahrivar [1 September 1982], I was informed, through a telephone call from one of the officers of that unit, that the aforesaid person [my son] had been honoured by martyrdom and had lost his life for his Fatherland on 2Shahrivar 1361 [24 August 1982]. After receiving the body of my beloved son, with the presence of a number of the esteemed military representatives and the relevant authorities, the burial ceremonies were carried out, and he was buried. 


With a feeling of honour, as the sore-hearted father of him who has lost his life on the path of exaltation of the blessed nation of Iran, I plead [with you to] let me have his burial certificate and personal belongings; and secondly, for the consolation of his bereaved mother, me and other members of the family, kindly let us have the certificate of his conscription service, and the detailed description of how and in what way my dear son lost his life.



Dr. Ardeshir Shah-Bahrami

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