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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 10 Farvardin 1400 [30 March 2021]


Why is the Baha’i Community Interested in Environmental Issues?

The Baha’i organization employs many spies, except [from] the military, in various parts of the environment; but why? This question is related to national security and the overthrow of the government.

According to Fars News Agency, in a note, Seyyedeh Fatemeh Hosseini wrote, “In recent years, the Baha’i organization has used many spies in various sectors, including cultural, social, artistic and environmental, except military organs, but why? This question is related to national security and the overthrow of the government.”

  1. The House of Justice in the occupied Palestinian territories, the headquarters of the Baha’is, where decisions are made for this perverse sect, in its various annual messages, describes propaganda as “the lifeblood” of this organization and asks its members, under the guise of charities, NGO’s, environmental activists, etc., to propagate this sect and ultimately overthrow the Islamic Republic and establish a Baha’i government.
  2. Baha’is, who are another kind of Zionists―or, in other words, their spies―by exploring climatic and racial resources, by raising disturbance, sedition, arousing emotion and anxiety about bad environmental conditions that destroy the chain of life, herbal remedies and natural food reserves, and sending them to their masters, pave the way for the formation of a think tank and the overthrow of sovereignty, and endanger national security.

Deficiencies and damages to the environment, as well as its improvement, are effective in strengthening the foundations of sovereignty of any society; for this reason, the Baha’is are so interested in this important issue, and unfortunately Iran has become a haven for such spies.

With the message that the current order of the human world has failed to manage the vast wealth of the planet earth, at the present time―during the outbreak of the corona virus―by advertising in various villages around the world, such as the Village of Motibasti in Nepal and other examples in African and Asian countries, they are recruiting environmental activists―activists who also lack high levels of literacy.

  1. The Baha’i organization, based on such belief, familiarizes the people with and attracts them to Baha’ism, saying that the human race requires fundamental change; change that fully reflects the interdependence of all elements and interrelationships with the natural environment, and in order to preserve human survival, their inner life must be shaped like their environmental life.

For this reason, the organizations, in order to carry out sedition, never seek to recruit forces with high information and literacy levels.

With a little research, we will find that the heads of their media teams, in order to attract environmental enthusiasts, carry out activities such as touring Iran by bicycle, like Babak Shadab, whose Instagram page is currently closed and highly supported; or by advertising vegetarianism (veganism), and tricks, they incite deceived members to attack slaughterhouses or butchers.

Of course, in Baha’i teachings, the vegetarians are implicitly encouraged to commit such violence, as was Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a Baha’i activist [sic] on virtual networks who was killed by police in an armed attack in the YouTube headquarters. In cyberspace, she was repeatedly shut down for promoting violence and attacking slaughterhouses. From what has been said, it is clear that these provocations are not specific to creating unrest in Iran and continue everywhere in the world.

Understanding the method of the Baha’i evangelical process helps a lot in recognizing the sect’s barbarity movements, and psychological wars (which are based on satellite and virtual networks) and helps to recognize the root of seditions.

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