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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 31 Khordad 1398 [21 June 2019]


Promoting Baha’ism By Using Sexual Attraction

Baha’ism is one of those sects whose propaganda is at the forefront of its important affairs, and in this sect, working to increase the number of Baha’is can justify any action, even wrongdoing. Among the various methods of attraction, marriage is one of the best and safest bridges to provide the possibility of fulfilling the obligations of the sect—i.e. propaganda—because, in these cases, first with planned tricks, they often make a person a Baha’i; otherwise, they distort the character of a person so that they will no longer have any special adherence to Islamic rules.

This is why Baha’i marriage to non-Baha’is, or so-called mixed marriages, is highly recommended, and it is emphasized that all Baha’i commandments with regard to marriage must be obeyed in detail.

Baha’i youth also welcome marriage to non-Baha’is. For example, one of the reasons that the Baha’is in Iran welcome marriage to Muslims is the unusual connections between the majority of Baha’is and the extreme friendships of girls and boys in the organization. It causes the Baha’i youth—both boys and girls—to complain about the multiple premarital relationships among [members of] their own sect and to consider the prevailing atmosphere among the Baha’i youth to be completely unreliable for marriage and family formation.

The Baha’i organization also uses a variety of tools to foster such marriages. In general, one of the methods and tools of propaganda in Baha’ism is the use of sexual attraction. For example, the organization lays the groundwork for attracting and joining people of this sect by creating programmes such as mixed parties and creating an emotional connection. In addition to encouragement to make acquaintances at parties, many efforts are made to make Baha’is, friends with Muslims of the opposite sex, and such acquaintances are more common in areas where Baha’i youth work alongside Muslim youth. Cyberspace, as always, is also one of the tricks of such manipulation.

Such marriages can affect the fate of one or more generations and bring them under the control of the Baha’i organization forever. For a long time, human beings from all nations, in the process of choosing a spouse and marriage, considered the effect of physical, mental, moral and ideological health of parents on the health and wellbeing of their children, and many other criteria, with great care. Therefore, for the sake of beliefs and behavioural immunity and the preservation of family originality, young people and families should be informed of the historical examples and devastation left by the sect’s deception for their descendants and prevent the Baha’i organization from advancing in these matters.