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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 13 Azar 1397 [4 December 2018]


Lotfi In the Meeting of Working Groups of Religious Minorities Said: “The Religious Minorities Have Neutralized the Foreign Propaganda”

The deputy head of the Coordinating Council for Islamic Propaganda said, “The position of our country’s religious minorities has neutralized the foreign propaganda.”

According to the political correspondent of Fars News Agency, the meeting of the working groups of the religious minorities of central headquarters for the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic revolution was held today, Tuesday, 13 Azar [4 December], at the Coordination Council of Islamic Propaganda.

In this meeting, in which some representatives of the religious minorities in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and some clerics and elders of monotheistic religions were present, Nosratollah Lotfi, the deputy head of the Coordinating Council of Islamic Propaganda said in a speech, “Monotheistic religions in the Islamic Republic have been united for forty years.”...

Today, we, the monotheistic religions, except the Baha’is, whom we do not consider [members of] a religion and consider as a party that is affiliated with Zionism, must stand together.

Lotfi said, “The majority of the country’s population did not understand the situation before the revolution, now hundreds of satellite channels are active to purge the Taghut’s regime.”

The deputy head of the Coordinating Council of Islamic Propaganda stated, “The statements of our country’s religious minorities in response to the Zionists and other foreigners’ statements, which are apparently issued in support of Iran’s minorities, have been very effective in neutralizing them.”