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[Adapted from website:] Fars News Agency

[Date:] 29 Tir 1398 [20 July 2019]


Special Privilege of the Iranian Minority Community in the Latest Issue of Roshana

The special eighty-first issue of Roshana [Magazine], featuring sects and religions, is dedicated to a reflection on “The Voice of the Minorities”.

According to the Quran and Religious Activities reporter of Fars News Agency, the eighty-first issue of Roshana, featuring sects and religions, was published and made available to the [readers]. The central theme of this issue of Roshana Magazine, with a different cover, is dedicated to a reflection on the “The Voice of the Minorities” (examining the views of the representatives of religious minorities in the Islamic Consultative Assembly) in the form of a special file.

This issue also contains a collection of articles, reports, analytical and first-hand notes on Baha’ism, the Hojjatieh Society, Sufism, emerging sects, and evangelical Christianity.

In this issue, Roshana clearly examines such topics as the Rights of Minorities in the Late Imam’s Intellectual Sphere; the Great Capacity of the Law for Justice; Guaranteeing the Civil Participation of Minorities; “I Represent All of Iran”; The Special Privilege of the Iranian Minority Community; “I Proudly Say, ‘I am a Minority’”; The Dynamism of the Armenian Community; The Guarantor of Participation in Politics; Coexistence in Iran―a Model for Other Communities; Christians and Other Minorities Do Not Need a Guardian; Participation in Assyrian Society―It Has Been Internalized; Civil Liberties From the Point of View of Monotheistic Religions; and The Voice of Minorities.

Other [articles] in this issue are:  Baha’i University or Centre?; Do Not be Afraid of Being Expelled; Heroism From the Traitor; The Hojjatieh and Bourgeoisie Society; Religious Dissemination; Social Poverty; the Hojjatieh Society and Anti-unity; A Paradoxical Association in Thought and Action; the Roots of Dervish Sectarian Politics; The Mystical World; Emerging Extremists; and “Will Tabandeh Celebrate [His] 121 Years?”

Other [articles included are] Christian Monotheism; Evangelism in Nordooz; An Erotic Place Named Church; Sects and Security; The “Absorption” in Sects; and the Genealogy of Mystics.