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Ministry of Justice


Preliminary Enquiry Sheet and Minutes


Defendant ----- Claimants ----- Subject of Claim ---- Date: 135-----File -----


In the Name of the Most High

The Honourable Chief Justice of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Kerman

In the attached file, Ahmad Forouzan, son of Farajollah, 59 years old, farmer from Khanaman - Rafsanjan, resident of Mohammad Abad Orzoyeh Dashtour, Baha’i and citizen of Iran, is accused of interference in Islamic society and undermining the foundation of the Islamic economy in Iranian society through usury and [illegible] opposition to the Iranian Islamic Revolution, and corrupting Muslim society. The charges are:

1- His confession to being a Baha’i and the affiliation of this sect with other anti-revolutionary groups, and his opposition to the Islamic revolution are all established.

2- Over 30 complaints for usury have been made against him.

3- Publicity of the accused’s reputation for usury.

4- The accused has not been prepared to face the complainants, and his statement that they should   provide documental evidence is his way of avoiding them. Therefore, his guilt, considering the petition prepared and the evidence in the file is established. The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Kerman is therefore requested to punish him in accordance with religious law.

Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Kerman – Khairandish