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In the Name of God

Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Defence and Support for the Armed Forces

Number: 17930-9

Date: 23/7/1370 [15 October 1991]


Telephone -----


From: Department of Insurance and Retirement

To: Mrs. Farkhondeh Fahandej-Saadi - spouse of Sergeant [illegible] Ziaollah Fahandej-Saadi


According to information received, you are a Baha’i, and your pension will, therefore, not be paid. However, if you denounce your religion and accept Islam, and provide proof to this organisation of your acceptance of Islam as your religion, action will then be taken to re-institute your pension.

Head of Department of Insurance and Retirement


On behalf of: Colonel Behrouz Ebrahim-Zadeh


Address: [contact details]

[illegible stamp]