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Interrogation and Records Slip [this is not an interrogation paper, but upon Mr. Mavaddat’s request, this paper was given to him to write his last words before his execution]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamic Revolutionary Prosecution Office of the Central Region

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Accused ----- Complainants ----- Subject of Claim ----- Date:  Day 1 of Tir 1360 [22 June 1981]

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Will and Testament – I, the undersigned, Farhang Mavaddat, from Evin Prison, hereby raise my hands in praise and exaltation of the Immortal Beloved, and confess to the righteousness of all Holy Prophets and Messengers.  [I] expect my dear children to rely on the Will of God, and never neglect studying the [Baha’i] Scriptures, and to pray for their father.  From my beloved Mehri, who was an outstanding spouse to me during our lives together, I request to continue looking after our children, and to be content with what He has ordained.  Any inheritance left from me should be divided equally among the children.

My body should be buried in accordance with the Baha’i burial ceremonies at the Baha’i cemetery.  I beseech the prayers of my friends, and if I ever showed any disrespect to anyone, or wronged anyone, I hereby beg their mercy and forgiveness.  My beloved family should be mindful of a quote from [the Blessed Beauty], who promises the lovers that the separation is brief, and that eternal reunion is but so near.  My warmest regards to my dear father, and I hope for his good pleasure.  My dearest sister, Farideh, and her beloved children, have always been in my heart.  I kiss my dear Payam, Nazi, and Naghmeh, and my beloved, [self-sacrificing] Mehri. Preserve your unity and accord always.  At this moment I feel proud, and, God willing, you too will be proud of me.  Please forgive me if my handwriting is less than good, as I do not have my glasses. [I ask] my children not to wear black, and to recite for my sake, and on my behalf, the Tablet of Visitation of Abdu’l-Bahá once.  On this wonderful journey, I am accompanied by Mr. Hashem Farnoush, and Bozorg Alavian.  In closing, I ask my beloved Mehraen, “Are you pleased with me?”

Farhang Mavaddat