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3 Bahman 1361 [23 January 1983]


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Auditing Institute of the National Iranian Industry Organization

Legal Inspection and Audit of Tehran Cement

You are respectfully informed that, according to ruling number 8387 – 29 Tir 1361 [20 July 1982], I, Farhad Sedghi, director of accounting of Tehran Cement—a public corporation—have been dismissed in the most oppressive way possible without payment of the reserves for [my ]service record, legal and acquired rights, and contrary to the laws of the country. Complaints, pleas for justice and numerous appeals to the company’s board of directors and managers have, unfortunately, yielded no results, so far. Therefore, I have no recourse but to reflect the facts and the illegal behavior of the Tehran Cement Board of Directors in the reports of the legal inspector and auditors of the subject company, and to direct the attention of the officials and directors of the Auditing Institute of the National Iranian Industry Organization to the issues described below:

  1. The Human Resources Restructuring Act of Government Ministries and Institutions, which is mentioned in my dismissal order, applies only to employees of government ministries and organizations, and Article 29 of the subject law explicitly mentions “permanent dismissal from government services” while Tehran Cement is run as a public corporation, and labour law and internal by-laws govern employee relations. In its letter number 8629/N, dated 28 Tir 1361 [19 July 1982], to Tehran Cement, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs explicitly stated that the subject law does not apply to the employees of that company. Therefore, my dismissal is against the law and I request the revocation of the dismissal order.
  2. Statements of His Excellency the Imam to the Human Resources Reconstruction Boards and the orders issued regarding the dissolution of the selection offices and the historic eight-article decree not to violate the rights of the country’s honest servants, and the realization of rights for all those who serve society, show that the decision of the Tehran Cement Board to dismiss me is against the laws and contrary to the instructions of the leader of the country.
  3. According to official government announcements released by the mass media over the past few months, the Human Resources Reconstructing Act passed by the Islamic Consultative Assembly applies only to employees employed in government ministries and agencies according to the national employment laws. The subject law does not apply to employees of the private sector and privatized organizations and companies, and the labour law and their internal by-laws govern employee relations. Therefore, my dismissal is against the law and I request adjudication.
  4. The luminous Sharia and the Holy School of Islam, as well as the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, do not allow the violation of the legal and acquired rights of the people of the country, and the violation of the rights of honest servants is contrary to the principles of Islamic social justice.
  5. The accumulated reserves and service history in Tehran Cement are registered in the official records in the names of employees according to the internal by-laws of the company, and similar to the salary of an individual, employees have a legal and earned right to them. The accumulated savings of my service record were acquired at the cost of losing my physical and youthful health, and they belong to my family. All members of the Board of Directors inwardly acknowledge that my oppressive dismissal was against the law and unfair, but unfortunately, they fail to tell the truth. The general assemblies of the past years and the Iranian National Industries Organization have approved the implementation of the by-laws and internal criteria of the company, and it is quite sad that the implementation of laws and by-laws regarding my situation has been delayed. I request an investigation and adjudication of my rights.
  6. The regular general assembly of the company, that took place on 25 and 26 Mordad 1361 [16 and 17 August 1982], which was held in the presence of representatives of the Iranian National Industries Organization and its representatives as auditors; a legal inspector; some members of the Board of Directors of Tehran Cement and North Cement companies; as well as company officials, directors and myself, approved the payment of my service record reserve. There is no legal prohibition against doing this, and unfortunately, the implementation of the above decision has not taken place, so far. I request the payment of my service record reserves.
  7. I believe in the oneness of God and the righteousness of all the Prophets, and based on the teachings and principles of my spiritual beliefs such as universal peace, unity of mankind, equity (charity), unity of the divine religions, service to the world of humanity and obedience to the laws of the country and the government, I have always been an honest and sincere servant, have performed remarkable services. During my service, especially after the revolution, I have not spared any self-sacrifice, and the records are reflected in my administrative file.

Now, considering what was conveyed above, I request that:

  1. I be reinstated in my job so that I can continue my honest services to this country and nation.
  2. You take action in paying my service record reserve and ensure the preservation of all my legal and earned rights.

Respectfully – Farhad Sedghi


3 Bahman 1361 [23 January 1983]


[Official stamp with number and date]

Secretariat of the Auditing Institute

Number 61 /5581

Date 4 Bahman 1361 [24 January 1983]