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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Farda News

[Date:] 4 Khordad 1391 [24 May 2012]


Baha’i Slogan For Spreading Satanic Principles

Another meeting and conference is enough. Now we have to go into action. If we recognize Baha’ism, we have to deal with it through extensive cultural operations and prevent it from spreading.

Today, in the public relations office of the Khavaran Cultural Center, Dr. Bayat, in the conference on recognizing hostility, [titled] “Split and Angle in Religion”, referring to the activities of the deviant sects, said, “It is time to start an offensive operation against these sects.”

… Dr. Bayat, a researcher in [the field of] identifying [enemies] and Arabic language lecturer, spoke about the [history] of the creation of Baha’ism and the formation of various heretical Baha’i sects.

Bayat first referred to the grounds for creating a soft war, saying, “The arrogant powers have attacked Islamic Iran in all political, economic, cultural and military fields, and at the end of the hard war, [they] intend to confront Islam with a soft war.”

He said, “Another meeting and conference is enough. Now we have to go to the operation. If we come to know Bahaism, we must deal with it with extensive and cultural operations and prevent its spread...”

Bayat [said that he] considered the roots of all heretical sects to be related to the Jewish people. He said, “Baha’ism, which is one of the most prominent and, of course, the most active heretical sects in the country, is among the conspiracies of the Jewish people.”

Regarding the Baha’is, Bayat said, “The main belief of Baha’ism is that each era has [its own] new and special religion. [It] considers Islam to be related to 1,400 years ago and says that Islam is no longer useful to the world today. Therefore, Baha’ism with the slogan ‘new age, new religion’ is trying to spread its evil principles.”....

Emphasizing that the ideology of the new world order is the beliefs of Satanism, Wahhabism and Baha’ism, Dr. Bayat said, “The common denominator of all these beliefs can be seen, for example, in the notion of millennialism, which was also observed when Muhammad-Ali Bab appeared. A thousand years had passed since the birth of His Holiness, the Mahdi, and they were trying to cast doubt on Shiite thought in this way, which, fortunately, was never fruitful with the intelligence of the Shiite people and scholars.

Dr. Bayat went on to explain in detail the roots of Baha’ism and the heretical beliefs of this sect.