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In the Name of God

The Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Distinguished Director General of the Complaints Investigation and Response Office

Mr. Rostami (Deputy Manager, Mr. Reza Hosseini)

With greetings, I respectfully convey that my daughter, Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari, participated in the National Entrance Examination for the year [13]85 [2006] and was accepted in the field of mechanics in Shiraz University.  She [applied] to the above-mentioned university for enrolment but they refused to enroll her, stating, “Since you are not a follower of any of the religions that are recognized by the Constitution, we are not able to enroll you.”  We [took the matter] to a member of the Security Office personnel in order to investigate this matter; he gave us the same reply.  We then went to see the president of the university once more, in order to reach a conclusion regarding our case; he, too, replied, “Shiraz University is unable to enroll you.”  I said, “Nothing has been mentioned regarding this matter in the Constitution; and according to the law of the country all the people have equal rights.”  He said, “All of the people of the country [do] have equal rights.  We have not taken away your right to live; we only took away your right to education.” He then interpreted Article 13 of the Constitution in such a way that the only the [followers of] religions recognized in the Constitution have the right to education. [He said, “As your [religion’s] name has not been mentioned in the Constitution, this right [to education] is taken away from you,” while Articles 19, 20 23 and 30 of the Constitution are obviously contrary to the claims of the vice-chancellor of the university.

Therefore, I humbly request that that esteemed authority investigate [this matter]. While within the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is governed by Islamic justice, and everyone, from the leader of the revolution to the ordinary people, must be treated equally by law, it is surprising that an educational authority interprets and enforces the Constitution according to his own personal views and [preference], and violates the right to education of individuals such as my daughter.


With utmost gratitude,

Faramarz Naddafian Ghamṣari






[Note at the bottom of the page:]

This letter was filed under registration number 115–3304 in the Secretariat, on 6 Aban [13]85 [28 October 2006], by order of Mr. Reza Hosseini in the Secretariat.  He has also directed Mr. Amir Arjomandi, the head of the Office of Legal Affairs, to carry out an immediate investigation into the matter. 

He advised me to contact the Ministry of Science. On 6 Aban 1385 [28 October 2006] with Secretariat registration number 115-334, by submitting a letter to the director general of the [Department of] Complaints Investigation and Response [Mr. Rostami], I complained and requested a follow-up to my complaint. I am enclosing a copy of this letter.

Deputy Director General of the [Department of] Complaints Investigation Mr. Reza Hosseini, ordered the registration of the letter in the secretariat and its follow-up by Mr. Amir Arjomandi, the legal authority of the Ministry. I referred to Mr. Arjomandi and he promised to investigate the matter. We agreed that he would inform me of the results.

 After several follow-ups and telephone calls, today I succeeded in seeing him: He told me, “Your problem is not resolvable.” He introduced me to the deputy for education of the ministry. After contacting him, his office manager [responsible] told me, “As you are not yet registered as a student, this problem concerns the National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization.” Then he introduced me to Mr. Pour-Abbasi.

My earnest request is that, if there is a legal objection to registering me at the university, please convey it to me in writing, so that I know the situation. Should you not convey it in writing, then please guide me to the right authorities, so that I can claim my rights.


With utmost gratitude,

On behalf of Sara Naddafiyan Ghamsari

Faramarz Naddafiyan Ghamsari

27 Aban 1358 [19 November 2006]