[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


In the Name of God

26 Mehr [13]85 [18 October 2006]

Public Relations Director of the Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization,


With gratitude and respect, I hereby convey [the following]:

My name is Faramarz Bahari, application number 2561393 and file number 5904292. I took the National University Entrance Examination for the current year, and have achieved the overall rank of 537 in foreign languages  and the rank of 335 in group one for (English language); but I have not been accepted to register for any of the ninety-five subjects of the field of study that I had chosen. On 20 Shahrivar [13]85 [11 September 2006], after completing and submitting an appeal form (number 24367) to the secretariat of your organization, I requested that you revise my study selection form and investigate the reasons that I have not been accepted; however, I have not yet received any response from that organization. Therefore, I humbly request that esteemed authority to order an investigation into this matter and announce the reasons behind the refusal of my enrolment.


With utmost gratitude,

Faramarz Bahari



[Two handwritten notes at the bottom of this letter:]

[The note on the right side is by Mr. Bastami, addressed to Dr. Nurbakhsh; it states:]


In the Name of God,

To Dr. Nurbakhsh,

Greetings, respectfully, this [letter] has been submitted for your attention and [your] order for investigation.  Please arrange for this office to be notified of the outcome.


With gratitude,

Bastami [signature]

24 Mehr [13]85 [16 October 2006]


[The handwritten note on the left side of the letter is written by Dr. Nurbakhsh, addressed to Mr. Bastami; it states:]


Mr. Bastami,

  1. Has he passed the theoretical part [of the tests]?
  2. If the result of his test report from the Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization indicates that he has passed, it has to be investigated.



[Stamp:] Ministry of Education [illegible], Number: 8135, Date: 26 Mehr [138]5 [18 October 2006]