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[Date:] 22 Tir 1359 [13 July 1980]


In the name of the generous and merciful God

Oh Thou noble and bountiful God

Oh Knower of my soul and my heart’s secrets

After confessing to the unity of His Most Holy and Divine Being, and declaring to the truth of the [Divine] Messengers, including His Holiness Mohammad, the Messenger of God,and  admitting to the truth of His Holiness Baha’u’llah, now that I am going through my last hours of life in prison, I am writing these lines, as my Will. I have not committed any other sin except being Baha’i. I have served this nation and this people.

My moveable and immoveable properties in this world, being those that are already in my name or those that will be in my name in future, shall be at the disposition of my wife, Anita Samandari (Kaar). She may do whatever she chooses to do with my monies kept in the banks.

My dear wife Anita, please strive hard to educate my children (Kioumars, Maryam and Kamyar). I apologize to my wife for having left all the heavy load of the educating my children, one and all, on her shoulders. 

My sisters, please fully cooperate and collaborate with Anita in educating my children.

Goodbye, my precious father and mother, goodbye, dear Anita, goodbye, dear Kioumars, dear Maryam, dear Kamyar. Goodbye, my beloved sisters (Farangis, Mehrangiz, Rouhangiz, Shourangiz, Simin and Nasrin). Goodbye, my Baha’i and non-Baha’i friends. In a few hours, together with my dear spiritual brother Yadollah Astani, I will be executed.

I am pleased and thankful to all of you.  Affectionately pray for the progress of my soul.

Dr. Faramarz Samandari


22 Tir 1359 [13 July 1980]


The above matters are being witnessed

[Official Stamp] Prison [Illegible]