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Ministry of the Interior

Office ----


Date:   133[?] [1951-1961]

Number:  2241 RS

Enclosure: ----


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Confidential -- Direct


Gubernatorial Office

According to information received, after the Baha’is retrieved their assembly [hall] and even though they no longer hold meetings or do not carry out any propagation activities, yet they get together—including men, women, and children — in each other’s homes, under the pretext of carrying out their religious observances.  However, Article 21 of the Amendments to the Constitution stipulates that gatherings that give rise to religious or civil sedition and cause social disorder are illegal and are to be prevented.  You are therefore directed to discreetly and peacefully monitor such activities, and [instruct the Baha’is] that they have a legal responsibility to stop such gatherings.

Minister of the Interior


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[1] [It may mean year 1342 (1963-1964)]