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The Imperial Government of Iran

Administrative Order for Dismissal from Employment (permanent or temporary)

  1. Employee Number: [redacted]
  2. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
  3. Organizational Unit: Inheritance Tax Office and Barren Land Taxes
  4. Geographical Location: Tehran
  5. Date of Ruling Implementation: 4/6/1358 [26 August 1979]
  6. Surname: Lajevardi, Given Name: Fakhreddin
  7. Job Title: ----
  8. Organizational Post Title: ----
  9. Job Number: ----
  10. Type of Ruling: Suspension --x--
  11. Text of Decision: Since according to letter number 855/9-[dated:] 4/6/58 of the Administrative Court, an indictment  number 15430/854/9 – [dated:] 4/6/58 has been issued against you by the Prosecutor of the Administrative Court, and based on this decision, which is in accordance with  Note 4 of Article 59 of the National Employment Law, effective on 4/6/58 (the date of receipt of the letter), your employment in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance is suspended, and you will no longer be entitled to a position or a salary.

This ruling is prepared and issued in cases when the employment relationship between the employee and the organization is severed, as well as in cases when the employee is dismissed from employment in the organization.

  1. Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance:
  2. Name and Surname: Ja’far Beheshti – Head of Personnel Office

Signature [signed]

  1. Date of Ruling: 10/6/58 [1 September 1979]
  2. Number: 19837/7
  3. Form: (46-4)6–Ein Department of State for Administration and Employment Affairs


First Copy: for the employee