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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Tuesday, 4 Khordad 1359 [27 May 1980], 12 Rajab 1400

[Issue No.]  11007

[Page:] 10


Fakhreddin Hejazi, in response to the letter of the Iranian Jews: We need the efforts of the religious minorities for the continuity of the revolution…

Fakhreddin Hejazi

In an interview that I had with Kayhan newspaper, some misunderstandings about the Iranian Jews were raised and I am obliged to respond to their letter.

The Jewish gentlemen have thought that I, God forbid, insulted His holiness, the Prophet Moses, and the reason is that I addressed that great divine Prophet as “His Excellency” [instead of His Holiness]...

In our unity with the Jews there is no doubt, because you also worship God and are “People of the Book”. The Quran has called the “People of the Book” to unite with the Muslims ... But we need your help to continue the revolution, and what can better prove your unity with the Muslims than taking steps such as condemning the international Zionist crimes and attacking these bloodthirsty occupiers of Lebanon and the killings of deprived Palestinian militants, and urging them to evacuate Arab lands? Also, you must be mindful that Zionist spies and agents of the usurping Israeli regime may not infiltrate amongst you, the dearly respected Jews, and insidiously break your friendly relationship with your Iranian Muslim brothers, or some spying Baha’is, the international Zionist protégés, attempt and cause division, or some corrupt, pretentious royalist Muslims try and change your path of cooperation with your Muslim friends. I hope your awareness will not allow betrayal opportunities to such elements...

Your Muslim friend - Fakhreddin Hejazi