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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran


Decision of the Personnel Department


Form (52 – 4) 32 – Ein, of the Department of State for Administration and Employment Affairs


  1. Ministry of Energy
  2. Employee Number: [redacted]
  3. Given Name: Mr. Ezzatollah
  4. Surname: Nikjou
  5. Father’s Name: Zabihollah
  6. Birth Certificate number and place of issue

Birth certificate number: [redacted]

Place of issue: Town: [redacted]

Place of birth: [redacted]

  1. Date of birth:

Day: 27 Month: 8 Year: 1312[18 November 1933]

  1. Highest academic degree and subject

Highest degree: Masters of Science

Subject: Geology

  1. Title of Permanent Government Position:  Retired
  2. Branch:  11
  3. [Employment] Category:  11
  4. [Employment] Level:  4
  5. Organizational Unit: -----
  6. Place of service/duty:

Town: Tehran, Province: Central

  1. Permit:

Date: -------

Number: ------

  1. Type of Ruling: Permanent dismissal from government offices (Discontinuation of retirement pension)
  2. Description of Ruling: Based on decision number 16, dated 22/1/ 62 [11 April 1983], communicated via letter number B/240, dated 22/1/62, from the Preliminary Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources Office in the Ministry of Energy, and enacted on 5/7/60 [27 September 1981]  with reference to Clause 8 of Article 29 of the aforementioned regulation, you are dismissed from all governments offices and those affiliated with the government. Your pension will be cut off according to decision number 17042/411, dated 24/9/58 [15 December 1979].
  3. Salaries, benefits, extras------
  4. Salary [illegible] ----- rials, after the condition [illegible]---- is payable.
  5. Date of enforcement of decision: 16/1/62 [5 April 1983]
  6. Date of issue of decision and number:

Date: 25/2/1362[15 May 1983]

Number: 6 [illegible]/4670/611

  1. Name and surname of officer in charge: Hasan Ghafouri
  2. Title of permanent Organizational Position: Ministry of Energy



[Official stamp]

Copy: employee d/