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Iran National Oil Company



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil

Number: 59-ZD-10551

Date: 8/6/1359 [30 August 1980]


In the Name of God

Mr. Ezzatollah Mazloumian

Number: 41579


Subject: Suspension of employment

Following the decision of the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office and the Office of the Provincial Governor General of Khuzestan, in addition to the suspension of [your] salary and benefits until the final decision of the authorities, you are to refrain from attending your place of employment as of 9/6/1359 [31 August 1980], due to your affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect and [your] unlawful employment.

In the event you believe you are not affiliated with this sect, you [must declare] the same in writing so that your case [will be] considered again and the said decision [be] reviewed.

9/6/1359 [31 August 1980]

Mohammad Reza Shomali

Deputy Finance Department of oil-rich areas.


[two official stamps]

Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Oil

Iran National Oil Company