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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Justice Administration of Islamic Republic of Iran

Branch 1 of the Public (legal) Court in Sanandaj

Writ of Notice/Summons


Letter Number: 9010108710203274

Case Number: 9009988710200278

Branch Archival Reference: 900495

Date of Issuance: 20 Aban 1390 [11 November 2011]

Enclosure: -----


Particulars of the Person Summoned:

1- Name: Ezzatollah     2- Surname: Gouniyaie

3- Father’s name: Ahmad     4- Post Code: -----     5- National Code: -----

6- Address: [redacted]    7- Municipality: -----

Date of Appearance: 9 Bahman 1390 [29 January 2012], Sunday, Time: 09:00, Place: Sanandaj

Reason for Summons:

Concerning lawsuit against Ezzatollah Gouniyaie

Attend this court at the appointed time indicated above


Date of Service: -----


This section is completed by the office of issuance of the writ of notice:

The Notice is Complete: Yes: ----- No: -----

Date of Service by the Officer: -----

Signature or Fingerprints of the One Served: -----

Signature of the Officer in Charge of Service [illegible]

Date: 17 Azar 1390 [8 December 2011] [signature]

Access Number of the Notification Office: -----

Name and Surname of the Officer in Charge of service: -----

Signature of the Officer in Charge of Service: -----

It is essential to carry your National Card for proof of identification