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Ministry of the Interior

Isfahan Governor’s Office

Office of the District and Municipality of Najafabad

Date: 17 Dey 1318 [8 January 1940]

Number: 3182

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Direct and confidential      


The Honourable Governor of Isfahan

In response to letter No. 9722 of 4 Mehr 1317 [26 September 1938] [I wish to inform you that] since Ezzat Tabibi Najafabadi, the former principal of a four-class mixed elementary school in Najafabad, was a Baha’i, corrupting the students’ morals through propaganda, and the student affairs authorities were complaining about this person’s behaviour, he was dismissed  by the Isfahan Department of Education and was replaced by Mrs. Nazanin Soltanol-Ulamaei, who was a fifth and sixth grade teacher of basic science at a six-class elementary school. As a result of Mrs. Nazanin Soltanol-Ulamaei’s moral excellence, the number of students has increased by over twenty within the first two months of her management. According to the report received by the mayor’s office regarding reinstatement of Ezzat Tabibi [to] the position of [principal] of the four-grade school, some of his relatives have collaborated and issued a statement on his behalf, but this action is not wise or appropriate.

It is requested that you meet with the chief [director] of education, convey the matter, instruct him to be aware of the situation, and make sure that Mrs. Nazanin Soltano’l-Ulamaei will remain as the principal of the four-class school.

Baha’i men and women are intruders and the cause of corruption wherever they are, but whatever you order, it will be obeyed.

The Governor and the Mayor of Najafabad

[Signature and Stamp]


20 Dey 1318 [11 January 1940]