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Ministry of the Interior

Governor of Isfahan

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Written:  19 Dey [10 January]

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Month: -----1318 [1939/1940]

Direct and confidential


Department of Culture of Isfahan

With reference to number 16276 - 27 Shahrivar 1317 [18 September 1938], according to the Najafabad Mayor’s Office, Ezzat Tabibi, appointed by that office as the principal of Najafabad Primary School, is not suitable for this position due to his being Baha’i and practicing religious propaganda, and it has requested that the same lady, Nazanin Soltanol-Ulamaei, formerly [employed] in the same position, replace him. Therefore it is requested that you express your view and for actions such as these consult with me beforehand so that hindrances are avoided.

The Governor of Isfahan