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Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 27 Tir 1361 [18 July 1982]

Number: 79T

Enclosure: -----

[Stamp] [illegible]


In the Name of God

Mr. Ezzatollah Vahdati – Afoosi

With reference to your petition, a facsimile of which was received by the Council via letter number 127, [dated] 17 Farvardin 1361 [6 April 1982], of Branch 7 of the Public Court of Tehran (Employment Affairs), you are hereby informed that as per evidentiary documents, including your [Baha'i] registration [redacted]-- Afoosi, because of your affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect, your employment is terminated forthwith.  Therefore, you are required, within 10 days of receiving this letter, to categorically announce your position of either accepting or rejecting your affiliation with the said sect (and/or any other sects, such as Babi, Azali, etc.) in writing.  In the event of [your denying such affiliation], submit your written reply, with any documents in support of your position, to the Public Relations Office of the Appeal Council for Rebuilding Human Resources of Isfahan Universities, and ask for a receipt. Clearly, in the event that you take no position by the end of the specified period, a decision will be taken accordingly.

In the event that you deny association with the above-mentioned sect, would you be prepared to publicly announce your refutation and clear your name in major newspapers with wide circulation?

Secretary of the Appeal Council for Rebuilding Human Resources in Isfahan Universities

[Signature over official stamp]

[Stamp:] Confidential