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In the Name of the Most High


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Mines and Metals

National Iranian Steel Company

Number -----

Date -----

Enclosure -----


Accused [illegible] and [illegible], considering that the offence of the aforementioned is membership in one of the perverse sects which is known to be outside of Islam, in accordance with Section 3 of Article 19 of the Employment Arbitration By-Laws, employees of the National Iranian Steel Company [illegible] and [illegible] (H), in accordance with Article 10 of the aforementioned by-law are sentenced to permanent expulsion from government services.  This order is in accordance with Article 4 of the said by-law and is final and binding.  The employees, in case of objection, can [illegible] to the Court of Administrative Justice within one month.

Address of residence: Gonbad-e Kavus [contact details], residence of Badiollah [illegible]

Employment Arbitration Appeal Committee

National Iranian Steel Company [signature]