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Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 10 Khordad 1362 [31 May 1983]

Number: 488

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God

Admissions Council’s Appeal Decision

Miss Raoufeh Rahimpour

We hereby inform the accounting student at the Faculty of Economics of Isfahan University, student number [redacted], year of entry to university ---, number of units completed 18, total score 2.87, of the following:

Your objection [letter] and its enclosures were received by the Admissions Council of ---- on --- and the appeals process for your file and your objection letter and its enclosures began on 1 Khordad 1362 [22 May 1983]. It was finalised on 9 Khordad 1362 [30 May 1983] and this council unanimously reached the following appeals decision:


….Your own acknowledgement,

In accordance with Article A, section (D), of the by-laws of student admission, enacted by the Cultural Revolution Headquarters, which was distributed by the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education to universities and institutions of higher education across the country, through the circular number M/172, dated 29 Farvardin 1362 [18 April 1983],

Your continuation of studies is not approved by reason of [your] remaining in deviant ways and persisting in your affiliation with your small group.

In addition, according to Article 31, section ----- of the above by-laws, you cannot, based on certificate criteria, request an equivalent higher diploma or bachelor’s degree granted to students approved by the Cultural Revolution Headquarters on 22 Shahrivar 1361 [13 September 1982].


  1. Refrain from making frequent and unjustified enquiries at the university, or from approaching other authorities.
  2. For further explanation and guidance, you could attend Isfahan University, Faculty of Sciences, end of the physics group hallway, on 24 Khordad 1362 [14 June 1983], from 7:30 till 8:00 [p.m.], and make enquiries from the Admissions Council’s liaison officer.
  3. Should you object to the issued decision, you could send your objection through registered mail with two receipts [mailing and delivery], to the university chancellor, together with proofs, evidences and possible documents, attach your exact address, and, if possible, a telephone number by which you could be contacted quickly in case of an emergency, by 11 Tir 1362 [2 July 1983], or you could hand-deliver it to his office and obtain a receipt. He will then forward your objection and its attachments, accompanied by your complete admission file, to the Central Admissions Council for a final decision.
  4. Objections which lack the exact address of the objecting student will not be processed.
  5. Should you have an objection, the Central Admissions Council, after examining the objection and your file, will issue the final decision about your case and will send it to you by the end of the current academic year.


Explanations: ------

Director of the Admissions Council of Isfahan University

[Signature and stamp]


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

Copy: The Isfahan University Chancellor


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