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Number: 324

Date: 29/7/1363 [21 October 1984]

Enclosure -----


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Department of Education of Karaj County


In the Name of God

To: Department of Education of Karaj County District 2

From: Boys School of Ghalam No.2

Please note that in accordance with previous instructions to expel Baha’i students from the school, and previous notification to your office with regard to the [fact that] student Omid Taghizadeh [is] a Baha’i, measures were taken to expel this student, after which his parents requested a written explanation [for their files]. As we have no document to present to the student’s parents we accordingly request that you write the necessary explanation.

In anticipation of the victory of the Warriors of Islam

School Headmaster


[official stamp]

Date 20/7/1363 [12 October 1984]