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Department of Fire and Safety Services of Sari

Date: 22 Ordibehesht 1386 [12 May 2007]

Enclosure: -----


Director of the Firefighters Association,

With greetings,

Respectfully, concerning letter number 3514/2/512/415–2, dated 17 Ordibehesht 1386 [7 May 2007], in regard to the incident of the burning of the homes of Messrs. Sirous and Manṣour Rawhani, Abdol-Ḥosein and Ali-Akbar Fallaḥpour and part of the Hussainiya[1] located in the village of Ivel Chahardangeh, which occurred on 10 Ordibehesht 1386 [30 April 2007] at 1 a.m.:

I, as the expert in this field, after a complete investigation of the scene on 20 Ordibehesht 1386 [10 May 2007], have prepared a report as follows.

The structure of the buildings mainly consists of old mud. They have two ceilings; the first ceiling is made of wood, boards and dry mud and the second ceiling, which is built like a triangle on top of the first ceiling, is made of wood, boards and tin. The second ceilings of the homes and a small portion of the belongings of the Fallaḥpours as well as the far corner of the ceiling of the Hussainiya, have been burned and damaged. There is no electricity or water supply to the scene of the incident. 

The reason for the fire has been determined as arson by an individual who has used an inflammable substance.



Fire expert

[Stamp]: Reza Mofíd Nakhaie

Fire and training expert




[1] [Hussainiya: Place of congregation for Shia ritual ceremonies especially remembrance of the Martyrdom of Imam Husayn]