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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Saturday, 2 Bahman 1361 [22 January 1983]

[Issue No.:] 16923

[Page:] 2


Attempts of the Iraqi Dependent Regime To Remove the Property of the Fugitive Zionists from Iran 

Mr. Hosein Berahmand, the head of the Mostazafan Foundation and a member of the sales department of [its] Board of Trustees, during an interview with the reporter of the Bonyad News Agency, disclosed the plan of the Iraqi Zionist regime to remove some very valuable antique objects embedded in Iran by the international Zionists.

Referring to the confiscation of Habib Sabet Pasal’s house on Africa Street (formerly Jordan) in the early days of the Islamic Revolution and the discovery of a very precious statue, he said, “When we took over the house of this Zionist agent, the Iraqi regime’s embassy came to us and asked us to rent this place for the embassy, insisting on renting this place under different pretexts. Of course one or two other countries also did the same, and when different places were offered, they put their finger on this house, which caught our attention.

In addition, since, at the beginning of the revolution, our problems had not yet been resolved, we did not know what to do and who were our friends and who were our foes. We kept silent about these demands, but we also sought to find out the cause. Finally, when the problem of the boiler breakdown occurred, it turned out that there was something embedded in the house. When we broke the wall, we found a very precious gold statue, [the value of which it has been impossible to determine so far], and a few other objects that are unique in the world. Then it became clear why the traitorous Zionist regime in Iraq at that time had insisted on renting [this] house and offered a high price.

The head of the Foundation’s real estate sales department said, in response to the question as to whether the dependent Iraqi regime, with awareness of this issue, wanted to rent this site or not, “We do not want to speculate and leave the judgment to the people, but it is clear that they put their finger on this place among all other houses, and were willing to pay a high rent for it”.