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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday, 19 Azar 1365 - 10 December 1986 - 7 Rabi’ath -Thani 1407

[Issue No.:] 18050


Following the Insult to the Holy Threshold of the Prophet of Islam

The Teachers Association of Qom Theological School requested the Indian government to close down the [Baha’i] Lotus Temple.

Qom - Following the publication of a defamatory article regarding His Holiness Muhammad (peace be upon Him), in one of the English journals of India, the Teachers Association of Qom Islamic Theological School published a formal statement. In parts of this statement it is written that:

“It is a long time since the world of blasphemy and arrogance, which has always received mortal blows from Islam and Muslims, directed its unmanly darts of barbaric attacks towards the Muslims.

“The blasphemers [imperialists], further to [their] various plotting, this time by raising a temple called ‘the Lotus’, which was built by Zionist credit at the centre of the country of India, have worried the Muslims, and especially the combatant people of Iran. In this regard, recently in one of the worthless fliers of India, there has been an insult against the glorious Prophet of Islam; such manifest aggression against the Islamic sanctities cannot be unrelated to the activities of the supporters and followers of the detested and apostatical Baha’i sect.

Therefore, the Teachers’ Association of the Islamic Theological School of Qom requests the friendly government and the nation of India to prevent the inauguration of this temple in their country. Finally, we ask the Islamic Republic to announce to the country of India its firm position in this regard.