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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Tuesday, 7 Farvardin 1363 – 23 Jumadat-Thania 1404 [27 March 1984]

[Issue No.:] 17263


In the Name of God

Second round

Advertisement for Purchase and Ownership of Urban Lands

The Head Office of Urban Lands of Tehran Province, under Article 9 of the Urban Lands Act, intends to take ownership of the urban lands in the area map below this advertisement, bearing the names of the last owner or owners, this being in accordance with the letter of the Bureau of Notary and Property Registry of the City of Tehran, with the following registry details:

1-3067 R K the main lots, numbered 13 and 11, subdivision from 46 of Branch 11 Tehran, belonging to NourollahYousefian, et al.

2- 2123 R K the main registered lots numbered 518 and 1288 of the Kan lands, of Branch 10 Tehran, measuring a total of 24,690.80, belonging to Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Seyyed Ali, Mr. Gholamhossein, Mr. Mohammad Hossein, Mr. Hassan, Mrs. Fakhri and Mrs. Zinat, all surnamed Tavana; Mr. Reza Zare; Mr. Gholamhossein Eslamizadeh, Mr. Ali Mohammad, Mr. Hussein, Mr. Abbas and Mr. Mohammad Taghi, all surnamed  Chai Bakhsh; and Mr. Raspetan, Mr. Kianoosh Maleki  [D]Vamghani, Mr. Mohammad Afshar, and Mr. Gholamhossein Haji Mohammad Ali.

3- 2454 R K registered lots numbered 386, 385, 91, 90 and 89, subdivisions from the main 79 located at the beginning of Sohanak Road at Branch 11 Tehran, belonging to Mrs. Parizad Khajavi, Mr. Azizollah Towfigh, Mr. Abdolmisagh Misaghiyyeh, Mr. Ebrahim Ettehadiyyeh, Mr. Yaghoob Saedi, Mr. Mehdi Towfigh, Mr. Saleh, Mr. Ebrahim, Mr. Yaghoob, Mr. Eshagh and Mr. Amanollah all surnamed Vahdat; Amir Ashoori, Seyyed Mohsen Asasi, Moosa Amanat, Davood and Mr. Moosa Yousefian, Mr. Moosa Saedi, Mr. Parviz Vahdatian Kashani, Mr. Mohammad Ali, Mr. Reza Ali, Mrs.Kowkab, Mrs. Ummulnesa, Mrs. Khadijeh, Mrs.Fatemeh Sultan and Mrs. Shahrbanoo,  all surnamed Sohani; Mr. Jamshid Ghobadian, Mr. Fereydoun Eydoon Shoghi or Sharafi Rabbani.

Therefore, the legal and lawful owner or owners and proprietors of the mentioned lots and holders of a  civil liability certificate [reference below] for construction or a valid building permit in the mentioned locality, are hereby informed twice within ten days, to present themselves, bringing with them the relevant ownership deeds and documents for transferring their ‘Real’ properties to this Head Office, located in Karim Khan, Ostad Nejatollahi Street, number 321, within 15 days of the publication of this advertisement, at the latest.

In case of non-appearance within the given period, with reference to Addendum 2 of Article 9 of the Urban Lands Act, the deed of transfer will be signed vicariously on behalf of the owner or owners.

[Map of the lands]