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[Newspapers:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 17 Bahman 1360 - 6 February 1982


Mousavi Ardabili from Confiscation of Unlawful Wealth to the Need for Criticism

Writings, Research and Scholarly Works:

Question - You said you have writings and scientific research; would you explain this more?

Answer - For some time during the first year, I had collaboration with the Maktab-e Eslam journal. I used to write a discussion about the Quran under the title of “Quran, the sun which sever sets”. When I went to Ardabil, the late scholar Tabatabaie continued the discussion. Once in Ardabil, I had discussions to which the friends would come to speak about the Baha’is. At that time, Baha’is in Ardabil had some eye-catching activities. I collected these discussions in a book called (the Most Glorious Beauty ...) but I did not mention who was the writer. We only wrote on the book “S. A.” meaning, Seyyed Abdol-Karim.

Question- “The Most Glorious Beauty, the Primal Point, the Centre of the Covenant”, did you write this book?

Answer -Yes, I wrote this book with three sections, the Primal Point, the Most Glorious Beauty and the Centre of the Covenant, which is connected to three stages. This name is also a reference to these three stages. The Primal Point is related to the “Bab”; the Most Glorious Beauty is connected to “Baha”; and the Centre of the Covenant refers to “Abbas Effendi”.