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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday, 8 Esfand 1352 [27 February 1974]

[Issue No.:] 14342


Killers of Three Iranian Students in the Philippines Being Prosecuted

Manilla – Reuters – Five Muslims in the Philippines were prosecuted for the murder of three Iranian students who were killed nearly two years ago. This report has been published by the Philippines Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Their murder occurred in January 1972. Prior to this incident, heated arguments had occurred among these three students and a group of Muslims from the southern part of the Philippines in the Lanao del Sur region.

The mutilated bodies of the three murdered students, who have been identified as Parviz Sadeghi, 24, Faramarz Vojdani, 22 and Parviz Foroughi, 25, were retrieved from a cemetery in a village near the City of Marawi, capital of Lanao del Sur Province.