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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 22 Tir 1334 [14 July 1955]

[Issue No.:] 8725


The National Consultative Assembly

Mr. Safaei Asked the Government About the Fight Against the Baha’i Sect

In response to this question, the minister of interior answered, “The government strongly prevents any propaganda that is unconstitutional and contrary to the religion of Islam”.…

The open session of the National Assembly was convened at 10:00 in the morning today, chaired by Mr. Sardar Fakher Hekmat.

Presentation of Questions -

After performing the preliminary formalities….

Mr. Seyyed Ahmad Safaei stated:

“I would like to ask a few questions of the Ministry of Interior about the Baha’is and also take advantage of the presence of the minister of interior today and ask him, even though they promised in a private meeting to stop the activities of the Baha’is and end their harmful propaganda, what has been done?”

Leave It To the Government -

Mr. Speaker stated that there are questions today and that the minister of interior seems to have an explanation.

Explanations of the Minister of Interior

Mr. Alam, the minister of interior, stated, “The esteemed representative, Mr. Safaei, asked a question [about something] that I thought the National Consultative Assembly, with the actions taken by the government and the issue asked by him, had considered a closed issue. Now, my request to the National Assembly is that you leave the investigation in this matter exclusively to the government.”

(“It is correct. It is correct”) …

“But for the sake of the gentlemen, I can say that the government, as it has previously [announced] to parliament, has strictly prevented and will prevent all propaganda that is unconstitutional, in accordance with its legal duty; certainly, the Baha’i propaganda is no exception.”

(Deputies: “Excellent, excellent”).

(Shahrokhshahi: “Then why have they reconstructed the House of the Seyyed Ali Mohammad the Bab in Shiraz?”)

“They have informed you incorrectly. I explicitly stated that all propaganda centres that have been recognized as contrary to the religion and the constitution have been stopped everywhere.”


“…But the point I want to make to the National Consultative Assembly is that, doing anything, and especially in this matter, in the first place requires maintaining order and calm.”

(“That is right. Well done”).

“For this reason, the law enforcement officers, and other state officials have been explicitly and strictly instructed to prevent any kind of irregular action and actions that in any way cause public disturbance.”

(Several deputies: “You did a very good job”).

“And in particular, we have ordered the perpetrators of any category to be punished.”

(Safaei: “Not to punish a Muslim instead of a Baha”).

“No, no, there will be no such thing. But establishing order and peace in the country and ensuring the welfare of the people is the first and greatest duty of the government.

(“It is correct”).

“And we cannot show the slightest disregard in this case. So, I am sure, if the government deems it necessary to take measures in some matters and in some cases to maintain order and calm, it will be approved and supported by the National Assembly.”

(“It is correct”).

(Mir Ashrafi: “Provided that the people are not shot in front of the house of Seyyed Ali Mohammad, the Bab”).

“Gentleman, what has been said to Your Honours is not true.”

Mir Ashrafi: “Your Excellency’s explanations were not convincing.”

The minister of interior: “It convinced the majority. You are in the minority. What is my fault?”