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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 25 Tir 1364 -27 Shavval 1405 -16 July 1985

[Issue No:] 17641

[Page:] 18


Government Official in Takht-e Tavous

Memories of Parviz Raji

Tranlation: H. A. Mehran

The last ambassador of the shah in London

Memoirs of a loyal and faithful officer during his service at the embassy of the imperial regime—whose very close relationship with Hoveyda and Ashraf was public knowledge: He not only discloses the thoughts, ideas and attitudes of the royal subjects in connection to the Islamic Republic movement, but also discloses the shah’s regime dealings and briberies to the authorities, members of the parliament and the British journalists. The decline, degradation and corruption of the former regime are fully evident from the contents of these memoirs.


Chapter Sixty-Nine

Thursday, 21 August 1978 (30 Mordad 1357) 

Moreover, in our conversations, an aristocrat pointed out that Amir-Abbas Hoveyda is under tremendous pressure from the clergy to resign from his ministerial position and this is mostly because of Hoveyda’s father’s being known as Baha’i. At the end, he assured me that there will probably not be any change to the diplomatic positions outside the country...