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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:]. Tuesday, 22 Shahrivar 1362 [13 September 1983]

[Issue No:]. 17108

[Page:]. 6


Getting to know the Gha’edin party [Hojjatieh Society]

Written by:  A-Baghi

Part eleven

After the Revolution, Which One is Needed, a Revolutionary Director or an Administrative Director?

Marxism Replacing Baha’ism and the Greatest Enemy

One of the issues that the Gha’edin were working on, after the victory of the revolution and the fading danger of the Baha’ism for the [Hojjatieh] Society—although even two or three years after the revolution they tried to keep the relatively dead issue alive by raising the dangers of Baha’ism—was opposition to Marxism without learning from its previous mistakes. One of the most important parts of the continuous classes of the Society was criticizing Marxism, without attempting to highlight, in the least, the danger of Western culture, which had penetrated the universities, education centres, government departments and the society, to its very core, or mentioning the threats of the [United States of] America and its allies in the region.

Of course, I am not implying that we should have kept silence in the face of Marxism, but I claim that every word or statement should be considered in its own time and place and the extent of its danger [should be] raised to the supreme leader and the leadership. But this issue demonstrates the fact that turning the minor issues into major problems and creating channels for deviation in the minds of young people and society have been 100% intentional, and they did not adopt such a policy mistakenly and inadvertently.

Hojjatol- Islam Khoeiniha says, “[The United States of] America is the enemy. You see a current coming against this which shows something else as a danger and introduces it. You notice that since the victory of the Revolution, it [the Society] uses all its power to prove that Marxism is an empty, baseless and erroneous ideology…