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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday, 3 Dey 1354 [24 December 1975]

[Issue No.:] 14892

[Page:] 19


Scholar Mohit Tabatabai writes: When Sheikh Fazlollah Nuri was executed in Tehran, Taghizadeh was not in Tehran

The Research Centre of Ettelaat Newspaper

The Scholar Mohammad Tabatabai has written a letter titled “A Commentary About the Life of Sheikh Ibrahim Zanjani” and has sent it to the Research Centre of Ettelaat Newspaper, the text of which follows below...

... 5. “Rajmod-Dajjal Fi Radde Arbaboz-Zalal” [Stoning of a False Prophet in Refutation of Masters of Delusion] is not known to be a political work; based on its title, it must be considered as a religious book, [within] the category of refutation treatises of the late Mirza Abu’lghasem Zanjani, father of Mirza Abolmakarerm—one of which I have seen, called “Repression of the Bab in Eradication of the Bab”, in response to the Bab’s “Seven Reasons Treatise”. It is not unlikely that this work would have come before Zanjani’s liberation, and that it would be related to the period of his preaching and delivering speeches. This requires an explanation from Mr. Javaher Kalam.

On the writings of the esteemed scholar, Mr. Mohit Tabatabaei...

... 6. The late Haji Seyyed Abu’lghasem Zanjani, the religious scholar, wrote a few refutations in rejection of the Bab, as follows:

1- Refuting the Bab

2. Obstructing the Bab

3. Repressing the Bab

4. Eradicating the Bab

5- Destroying the Bab

The Research Centre of Ettelaat Newspaper

From amongst the above books, except for “Obstructing the Bab” and “Eradicating the Bab”, all are at the disposal of the Research Centre of Ettelaat Newspaper. It would be greatly appreciated if the master would kindly review them...