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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Saturday, 15 Azar 1359 [6 December 1980]

[Issue No.:] 16303

[Page:] 3


Sheikh Mostafa Rahnama:

How I escaped an assassination conspiracy

Shaykh Mostafa Rahnama, the head of the Iranian group assisting Palestine, who was pursued some time ago by a group of individuals who intended to assassinate him, told the Ettelaat newspaper reporter in an exclusive interview about this incident:

In the course of our Islamic Revolution, there are, naturally, a couple of true and dedicated friends of the Revolution and some whose interests have been threatened, such as those belonging to SAVAK, Baha’i leaders, feudal lords, or, as the imam has mentioned, the corrupt clergy who were being fed by SAVAK and would not speak up about the unhealthy condition of the regime of the time. These groups attempted to take advantage of the situation and, in line with the aims of imperialism and global Zionism, try, in their foolish imagination, to return the conditions to what they were in the past.  On that basis, on the last day that Mr. Azari Qumi was the prosecutor general of the revolution, the imam ordered him, as he later told me, to punish the Baha’i leaders and the active members who were collaborators with the court of the shah and had abused their wealth and power and opposed Islam.

I later met with the minister of guidance, Dr. Bahonar, at the Office of Islamic Propaganda, and we decided that we would not fight this espionage group, which is a branch of imperialism and has a close connection with the Freemasons. Rather, a group of their leaders and active members would be arrested and punished and would be brought to justice for their illegal activities. Given that most Baha’is are regular people, and they have been deceived because of the inappropriate situation of Islam under the heinous Arya-Mehr regime, we would start a programme to guide them to the right path.  It was decided that we would develop a compassionate and guidance-oriented compilation—and we are currently working on its production—so that they would be guided and come to recognize Islam. Our duty is to introduce Islam. We are not obligated to force people to convert to Islam. The sacred Quran has instructed, “There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion[1]”. “There is no compulsion to accept Islam.” They must be convinced, and if they become convinced, they must stop engaging in Baha’ism, which is a system of espionage for the enemy and certainly has no religious or faith-based aspect. If they are not guided, we should not punish them, because they are also a part of the people. We must treat them in an appropriate way. . .








[1] Surah Al-Baqarah [2:256] – Quran - https://quran.com/2/256