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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] Wednesday 7 Farvardin 1330 [28 March 1951]

[Page:] 11


People Gathered and Pelted Several Shops With Stones

Yazd - Last week, the police were informed that a person had died in the Abol-Maali neighbourhood of Yazd, and the cause of the death was unknown. After the arrival of the forensic doctor, the investigator, and the head of the police, the people also gathered there. The investigations were still going on when one or two people in the crowd shouted that the killing had been carried out by Baha’is.

The affected population, which was particularly angry about the lack of attention by the Judiciary to the Abarghou incident picked up the corpse and moved it to Pahlavi Hospital. In the middle of the street, they arrived at the first haberdashery, which belongs to a Baha’i by the name of Khorram. They swore at the shop owner and started stoning his shop. Khorram, who was terrified, attacked the people with bottles of lemon juice. Suddenly a stone hit him on the head and he fell to the ground.

People then attacked Gholam-Hosein Samadani’s store, and he, who was closing his shop and was thinking to escape, fell into the hands of the people and was beaten up. The chief of police also arrived with the guards and gendarmes at this time, and a stone hit the sheriff’s head. He fired several shots, and as a result, two people were wounded and taken to the Pahlavi Hospital.

Also with these stone-throwing attacks, the glass [window] of the Golestan drugstore was completely shattered. All Baha’is who owned shops fled. Another Baha’i was also beaten on Pahlavi Street and rescued with the help of the law enforcement officers.

[Mr.] Samdani and [Mr.] Khorram are currently hospitalized and are recovering. The body of the15-year-old, Jalil Shabani, who was found [dead] in the ruins of the Abol-Maali neighbourhood, will be taken to the hospital for an autopsy. The deceased was a student at a tailor’s shop.

After the necessary investigations, Abbas Khayyat, the master of the Shabani tailor shop, was arrested, and, thank God, this riot ended without bloodshed.