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[Newspaper:] Ettehad-e Mellal

[Date:] 11 Tir 1334 [3 July 1955]

[Issue No.:] 38


Differences of Opinion in the Government

In order to establish calm and order in certain regions of Fars, the minister of interior suggested at the Wednesday meeting that a few instigators of the disturbance in Shiraz be detained and sent to Tehran, so that arrangements could be made to keep the peace in those areas. As a result of the strong opposition from Mr. Namazi, the foreign minister, and the support of Mr. Motamedi, differences of opinion arose between several ministers. The cabinet meeting was ultimately adjourned without any decisions being taken on this matter.

It was reported that the recent events in Shiraz have caused concern for the authorities about that region, and it is possible that a few of the instigators may be arrested or exiled.