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The Will of Eshraghiyyeh Forouhar


In the Name of God

I testify and confess to the oneness of God and recognition of all the past Messengers. I was condemned for the sole offence of being a Baha’i. I confess that I had not even the smallest relationship with the Zionism or any other foreign government.

I hereby wish to thank the friends from Gohardasht, to whom I am indebted, for taking the trouble, and ask them to comfort my sister, Parvin.

My sister Parvin, I was hoping to be able to comfort you for the loss of your husband myself, but now you need to be comforted yourself on my death. I hope you will be able to bear this weight. Please convey my greetings to the friends and seek forgiveness on my behalf from the family and friends.

I have no earthly possessions. However, in case something is found, let it be shared among the children of my sisters and our brothers. Convey my greetings to my mother, sisters and [their] children, and to [my] brother and his wife and children. Oh, how much I wish I could see them all.

Please give my regards to Mrs. [illegible] and her family and the rest of her relatives and ask them forgiveness. I reiterate that [you should], by no means, grieve for us. 

We came to this world one day and must leave it one day. A little sooner or later is not important and during this period I did not suffer much. Now that I write these lines, I am completely at ease and content.
May my life be a sacrifice to you all.

Eshragh Forouhar



In addition, I have a few items in the prison, including my wristwatch. I have a sum of 480 tumans in my purse, which is left in prison ward No. 10. Please pay the sum of 43 tumans, which I had borrowed, to Mrs. Haghjou and the rest to my sister, which will be needed to cover my shrouding and burial expenses. Also, take my body to Baba-Salman, as it was the case with my husband; my thanks to everyone. I also wish to thank the respected revolutionary guards, who, during this period of 180 days, went through trouble and showed me kindness, I hope that God will grant them a long life.

Eshraghiyyeh Forouhar