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Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Number: 2134/12

Date: 9 Khordad 58 [30 May 1979]

Enclosure: -------


Mr. Ishqollah Ravan-Bakhsh


In response to the complaint dated 5 Khordad 58 [26 May 1979], you are advised as follows:


According to the directive dated 14 Farvardin 58 [3 April 1979] of the Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Republic, the investigation and handling of all claims and disputes caused by any kind of violation, confiscation, forced occupation, disturbance, and prevention of one’s rights in relation to cultivated and farming lands and properties, urban lands, gardens, plant nurseries, water resources, agricultural institutions, livestock facilities, and farming and industrial units, whether situated within or outside of city and village limits, will be handled under the jurisdiction of a “five-member board”. This [policy] applies to all cases in which the [alleged] violation, confiscation, forced occupation, disturbance, or prevention of one’s rights has taken place since 16 Bahman 57 [5 February 1979].


In order to submit your complaint, please refer to the above-mentioned board that is situated in your local judiciary department. S


Mohammad Reza Farkhoi

Director General of the Secretariat of the Council for the Evaluation and Investigation of Complaints